Tucson Symphony Orchestra’s School Music Programs

Scott Brittenham is the CEO and co-founder of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, an energy investment firm based in Tucson, Arizona. He is a music lover and season subscriber to the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. Scott Brittenham has three children: two college-aged and one in preschool.

The Tucson Symphony Orchestra (TSO) supports and promotes music education in Arizona schools. Through a variety of programs designed for students of all ages, from preschool through high school, TSO provides classroom and music teachers with the tools needed to teach valuable lessons through music.

The Making Music Mine (MMM) curriculum develops students’ skills in inquiry and critical thinking through musical concepts. TSO musicians join students and teachers in their classrooms to teach music theory and connect music to other school curricula. The MMM curriculum adheres to Arizona State Standards for Music.

Music in the Schools (MIS) and Young People’s Concerts (YPC) supplement the MMM program. In addition to receiving MMM materials, students enjoy TSO ensemble performances and attend full orchestra concerts in early spring at the Tucson Convention Center Music Hall in downtown Tucson.

KinderKonzerts! is designed for students in kindergarten through second grade and combines music and storytelling for a unique learning experience. Students attend a TSO Chamber Orchestra performance, which includes a storytelling session accompanied by the TSO String Quartet.

More than 25,000 students and teachers benefit from the Tucson Symphony Orchestra’s educational music programs each year.


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