Perks of a Subscription to the Tucson Symphony

The CEO, president, and co-founder of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, Scott Brittenham of Tucson, Arizona, draws on over three decades of experience in the investment industry. Mr. Brittenham’s skills have aided in the company’s major financial transactions and in the selection and management of experienced professionals in the finance industry. Outside of his professional endeavors, Scott Brittenham patronizes the Tucson Symphony. He frequently attends symphony performances.

Since its debut in 1929, the Tucson Symphony has provided the public with a wide array of orchestral pieces. The symphony offers perks to subscribers, who pay one price for a full season of shows. Subscribers save up to 25 percent on individual ticket prices and 20 percent on special events throughout the year, as well. Ticket upgrades and exchanges are available to subscription holders, and 100 percent refunds are offered if the tickets are returned before the season’s first concert. Furthermore, subscription holders who cannot attend can also turn in their tickets for a tax-deduction receipt, while releasing the seats to another music fan.


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