U.S. Chess Federation Hosts National Tournaments for Students

With more than 30 years of experience working in the investment business industry, Scott Brittenham works as president and chief executive officer of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, which he cofounded in Tucson, Arizona. He directs investment within renewable energy, agribusiness, and biofuels, securing more than $140 million in investment capital. In his spare time, Scott Brittenham stays involved with the United States Chess Federation (USCF), where he is a member.

The USCF is a nonprofit organization comprised of chess players and supporters of varying ages. Founded in 1939 when the National Chess Federation and the American Chess Federation merged, the USCF currently has more than 80,000 members and more than 2,000 chess clubs and organizations.

National tournaments sponsored by the USCF will take place in April and May of 2015. The national high school championship, scheduled for April 10 through 12, will take place in Columbus, Ohio. Each player has 120 minutes to complete the match and has a five-second grace period between moves. Those who place in the top 30 spots receive trophies. The junior high championship, scheduled for April 24 through 26 in Louisville, Kentucky, follows similar rules, with the top 10, 15, or 20 individuals receiving trophies, depending upon their age. The national elementary championship, scheduled for May 8 through 10 in Nashville, Tennessee, awards those who finish in the top 10, 20, 25, 30, or 35, depending upon age and skill level.


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