About Ashtanga Yoga

A clean energy investment executive by profession, Scott Brittenham enjoys practicing yoga in his free time. Scott Brittenham names ashtanga yoga as his favorite form.

Introduced to the contemporary world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, ashtanga yoga comes originally from the writings of sage Vama Rishi in the ancient manuscript Yoga Korunta. Literally translated as “eight-limbed yoga,” it involves the control of the body and mind in eight distinct practices. The first four prompt external cleansing in the form of breath control, posture, self-knowledge, and moral code development.

Two of these four practices, yama (moral codes) and niyama (self-study and purification) define the practice of ashtanga yoga, yet they require strength of the body as developed by asana (posture) work. The internal cleansing practices, known as vinyasa, also play an essential role in the correct practice of ashtanga yoga. Breath and movement coordinate in very specific synchronization; each movement involves one breath. This connection warms the blood and allows for better circulation, which in turn purifies the blood, while also prompting a sweat that cleanses the body as a whole.


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