2015 Growth Energy Leadership Conference

As co-founder, president, and CEO of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, Scott Brittenham has raised and advised more than $140 million in investments in the biofuels and renewable chemicals industry. A member of professional organization Growth Energy, Scott Brittenham was invited to attend the Growth Energy Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C., in 2013. As one of a select group chosen to discuss United States energy independence at the White House, he met with various senators, congressmen, and other administrative officials.

Growth Energy, a group that represents producers and supporters of ethanol, hosted its 4th Annual Growth Energy Advisory Conference this past February. To promote its mission of raising awareness and understanding of issues involving ethanol, Growth Energy organizes this yearly leadership conference that gathers industry leaders and experts to share important insights. The 2015 conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona, featured speakers from various professions in the ethanol field, including Tim Portz, the executive editor of Biomass Magazine, and NBC Sports Group reporter Krista Voda.

In addition to listening to speakers and enjoying networking with fellow industry professionals, attendees participated in a golf tournament, visited the Phoenix Art Museum, and enjoyed a horseback ride through the Sonoran Desert.