About Scott Brittenham

1389045769_scott-bAn accomplished investment executive, Scott Brittenham focuses on renewable resource investment as co-founder, CEO, and president of Clean Energy Capital. Commanding the resources of a global investor base, he has analyzed more than 200 energy investment opportunities and has granted capital to such ethanol and biofuel companies as Advanced Bioenergy, LLC; First United Ethanol, LLC; and East Kansas Agri-Energy, LLC. Scott Brittenham continues to develop relationships with industry innovators as well as government officials and innovative researchers, in his continuing effort to promote sustainable resource development.
Before entering sustainable energy, Scott Brittenham established himself as founder of Brittenham Investment Management and subsequently of Fidelity Mortgage Inc. He came to his entrepreneurial endeavors following an accomplished 16 yeartenure on Wall Street, where he developed insightful solutions that granted financing to the under-funded economic sectors of commercial real estate and housing. Also a past executive with such leading firms as Salomon Brothers, CSFB and Bear Stearns and Prudential Securities, which he led to prominence as third leading firm on Wall Street at the time. Mr. Brittenham is featured in the National Best Seller “Liar’s Poker”. Mr. Brittenham accepted a Business Excellence Achievement Award from the University of Nebraska in 1993. An honors graduate of the school’s finance and economics program, he now serves as a University trustee.


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