Three Hot New York City Restaurants

Scott Brittenham presently serves as president and chief executive officer of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, a Tucson, Arizona-based company he cofounded. In his free time, Scott Brittenham enjoys visiting New York City and dining at the city’s best restaurants.

New York City is a revolving door of restaurants, and there is always a new, trendy place for diners to check out. The Zagat guide recently compiled a list of the city’s hottest restaurants. Here are a few:

1. Mission Chinese Food: Located on the Lower East Side, this old favorite has just been re-opened with an expanded menu. Recommended selections include the lobster and coconut fried rice and Koji chicken wings.

2. Upland: Found in the Flatiron District, Upland combines classic elements of Italian and Mediterranean fare with Californian cuisine. Recommended selections include mushroom salad with seared robiola and chicories, dressed with burnt shallot vinaigrette.

3. Momofoku Ko: Not new but expanded, this restaurant has just opened in a larger location in the East Village and offers a 17-serving dinner for $175. The decor has been upgraded with custom murals by David Choe. Be warned, despite the expansion, reservations are still hard to get.