Growth Energy’s 2015 Executive Leadership Conference in Arizona

An accomplished investment professional, Scott Brittenham currently serves as the president, CEO, and cofounder of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, an Arizona-based biofuels and renewable chemicals investment company. Committed to staying abreast of changes within the field, Scott Brittenham belongs to several professional organizations, including Growth Energy.

Growth Energy is a national organization dedicated to raising awareness of ethanol while improving the view that much of society has on the product. To this end, the organization maintains several groups and hosts various events to improve overall economic well-being and improve the environment.

Recently, Growth Energy held its sixth annual Executive Leadership Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference is an exclusive event open to members of the organization, and it features a large array of speakers representing various professions within the field. Lasting for five days, the Executive Leadership Conference serves as a place where experts and leaders in the industry can meet to discuss new challenges facing ethanol. This year’s focus was on defending the Renewable Fuel Standard and finding new advances within automobile manufacturing and technology.