New York Rangers Start 2015-2016 Season Leading Metropolitan Division

Since 2004, Scott Brittenham has served as president, and CEO of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, a Tucson, Arizona-based investment firm in the biofuel and agribusiness sectors. Apart from managing his clientele portfolio, Scott Brittenham coaches and plays hockey. His favorite professional team is the New York Rangers.

In the 2014-2015 NHL regular season, the New York Rangers clinched the President’s Trophy with the league high record of 82-53. The Rangers have started the current season where they left off at first place in the Eastern Conference Metropolitan Division with wins against Chicago, Columbus, and Arizona.

Key players in the first few games of the season have included 2011 New York round-one draft pick J.T. Miller with five assists and right wing Mats Zuccarello, a sixth-year player out of Norway, with four goals and six points. At the goaltender position, Henrik Lundqvist of Sweden has achieved a save percentage of .938 with a goals against average of 1.99.


The Arizona Theatre Company’s Annual Curtain Up Gala

With more than 30 years of experience in the investment business industry, Scott Brittenham serves as president, co-founder, and chief executive officer of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, located in Tucson, Arizona. When not in the office, Scott Brittenham enjoys theater and maintains a season subscription with the Arizona Theatre Company.

Established almost 50 years ago, the Arizona Theatre Company is a fully professional theater that produces a variety of shows, including classic works, contemporary plays, and musicals. Since its inception, the theater has produced more than 200 plays. It achieved professional status in 1972 and holds performances in both Phoenix and Tucson.

In addition to shows and performances, the Arizona Theatre Company holds an annual Curtain Up benefit gala. Providing guests with an opportunity to enjoy theater with their friends, family, or clients, individuals can also connect with community members, corporate executives, or theater enthusiasts. This year’s event was held at the Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix on April 19.

Yoga – Improving Physical and Mental Health

A Nebraska native, Scott Brittenham cofounded Clean Energy Capital, LLC, in 2004 and currently leads as president and chief executive officer. Spending his days managing the firm’s investments in ethanol refineries, Scott Brittenham makes time away from work to cycle and practice yoga.

A harmony between the body and mind, yoga consists of breathing, posture, and meditation exercises. Regular practice is known to reduce chronic pain related to conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Likewise, yoga practitioners can see improvement in insomnia and blood pressure, according to an interview with a board-certified osteopathic family physician by the American Osteopathic Association. Other health benefits of yoga include weight reduction, enhanced cardiovascular and circulatory health, and increased stress management skills.

The latter, if not cared for appropriately, can induce physical complications, ranging from headaches to concentration difficulties. Yoga teaches anxiety coping methods that create mental clarity and relax the mind. Encouraging mental well-being, yoga also relieves chronic stress patterns that often result in physical ailments.

2015 Growth Energy Leadership Conference

As co-founder, president, and CEO of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, Scott Brittenham has raised and advised more than $140 million in investments in the biofuels and renewable chemicals industry. A member of professional organization Growth Energy, Scott Brittenham was invited to attend the Growth Energy Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C., in 2013. As one of a select group chosen to discuss United States energy independence at the White House, he met with various senators, congressmen, and other administrative officials.

Growth Energy, a group that represents producers and supporters of ethanol, hosted its 4th Annual Growth Energy Advisory Conference this past February. To promote its mission of raising awareness and understanding of issues involving ethanol, Growth Energy organizes this yearly leadership conference that gathers industry leaders and experts to share important insights. The 2015 conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona, featured speakers from various professions in the ethanol field, including Tim Portz, the executive editor of Biomass Magazine, and NBC Sports Group reporter Krista Voda.

In addition to listening to speakers and enjoying networking with fellow industry professionals, attendees participated in a golf tournament, visited the Phoenix Art Museum, and enjoyed a horseback ride through the Sonoran Desert.

Ivory Crushing Initiative Intended to Halt Elephant Poaching

Scott Brittenham serves as the CEO and co-founder of Clean Energy Capital, an investment company for biofuels and renewable chemicals in the biofuels industry. A frequent traveler to destinations outside the United States, Scott Brittenham recently made a South Africa safari trip on which he enjoyed the chance to see leopards and elephants in their natural environments. Currently listed as vulnerable, the African elephant population faces serious threat due to a steady rise in poaching activities for the ivory trade. In 2013, several nations worldwide stepped forward to address the crisis.

An estimate of 100,000 elephants died between the years of 2010 and 2012 due to poaching activities. With the demand for ivory at an all-time high, poaching now exceeds the natural reproduction rate of elephants. China holds the highest ivory consumer rate, which spiked from 5,000 ivory goods on the market in 2002 to almost 8,500 in 2014. Although the Chinese government permits the trade of ivory, it does not regulate the sale of ivory obtained through illegal poaching.

As a symbol of its stance against poaching and intolerance for illegal ivory trade, on November 14, 2013 the United States crushed six tons of contraband elephant ivory seized by Fish and Wildlife agents and wildlife inspectors over the previous 25 years. This destruction followed another public crushing in the Philippines earlier that year. Ivory crushing has occurred in approximately nine regions throughout North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Despite its high involvement with ivory trade, the Chinese government approved two ivory crushing initiatives in 2013.

Critics express mixed opinions regarding ivory crushing. While government officials and organizations such as the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) believe the crushing sends the right message to poachers, other experts think differently. Those with opposing opinions fear the destruction might further spur the demand for ivory rather than dissuade.

Growth Energy’s 2015 Executive Leadership Conference in Arizona

An accomplished investment professional, Scott Brittenham currently serves as the president, CEO, and cofounder of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, an Arizona-based biofuels and renewable chemicals investment company. Committed to staying abreast of changes within the field, Scott Brittenham belongs to several professional organizations, including Growth Energy.

Growth Energy is a national organization dedicated to raising awareness of ethanol while improving the view that much of society has on the product. To this end, the organization maintains several groups and hosts various events to improve overall economic well-being and improve the environment.

Recently, Growth Energy held its sixth annual Executive Leadership Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference is an exclusive event open to members of the organization, and it features a large array of speakers representing various professions within the field. Lasting for five days, the Executive Leadership Conference serves as a place where experts and leaders in the industry can meet to discuss new challenges facing ethanol. This year’s focus was on defending the Renewable Fuel Standard and finding new advances within automobile manufacturing and technology.

About Ashtanga Yoga

A clean energy investment executive by profession, Scott Brittenham enjoys practicing yoga in his free time. Scott Brittenham names ashtanga yoga as his favorite form.

Introduced to the contemporary world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, ashtanga yoga comes originally from the writings of sage Vama Rishi in the ancient manuscript Yoga Korunta. Literally translated as “eight-limbed yoga,” it involves the control of the body and mind in eight distinct practices. The first four prompt external cleansing in the form of breath control, posture, self-knowledge, and moral code development.

Two of these four practices, yama (moral codes) and niyama (self-study and purification) define the practice of ashtanga yoga, yet they require strength of the body as developed by asana (posture) work. The internal cleansing practices, known as vinyasa, also play an essential role in the correct practice of ashtanga yoga. Breath and movement coordinate in very specific synchronization; each movement involves one breath. This connection warms the blood and allows for better circulation, which in turn purifies the blood, while also prompting a sweat that cleanses the body as a whole.